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Evolution U

The world we live in is based on two realities – Actual Reality and Perceived Reality.

Actual Reality refers to the rules of nature – the law of gravity, the turns of the night and day, the cycle of life.

Perceived Reality refers to the ideas we have made – nationality, religion, politics – capitalism, communism, character strengths, character weaknesses, mindset, attitude, beliefs.

You cannot change Actual Reality but if you realise Perceived Reality for what it is – a creation of man to serve as guideposts or boundaries in life – you will have cracked the code to success.

Perceived Reality is something we have created to help us understand life and the world around us. Nature has not forced it on us.

Nature has not created the lines between nations, states, cities, cultures – we have.

If you are able to see these frameworks of Perceived Reality and how they work and define the world around us, and you are further able to see how evolution and mental conditioning have worked over thousands of years, you will be able to define every rule in the book – not just for success or failure but every aspect of life.

Evolution & Us 6 Lessons

Evolution U - Chapter 1.0 - Evolution & Us Introduction

Welcome to the first chapter of the Evolution U Programme.
Here we look at Evolutionary Biology and why understanding what it says without giving in to the dogma and false beliefs that surround us every day – in what we see around us – in our daily life, in the life of others, in media, in books, etc. will help you understand yourself better.
This chapter is the key to the treasure – so to speak. The treasure being what you want in life – career, success, wealth, or loads of free time to watch movies and shows or play games – whatever is your definition of what you want to achieve at any stage of life.

Evolution U - Chapter 1.1 - Understanding Evolution

Welcome to the section on Human Evolution.
To reverse engineer success and have a wealthy and healthy life, you have to understand first and foremost how the human brain works and to do that you have to understand how evolution works.
And in this chapter we look at that and the trends that lead to human development.

Evolution U - Chapter 1.2 - Evolution of the Brain

Welcome to the section on Understanding the Evolution of the Brain.
In this section we look at how the three trends we talked about as humans became more developed influenced the brain and made it evolve in ways that are familiar today. 

Evolution U - Chapter 1.3 - The Brain We Inherited

Welcome to the section on The Brain We Inherited.
In this section we look at the nature of the brain, how it developed, why it acts in a certain way and so on. 

Evolution U - Chapter 1.4 - The Lazy Brain We Have

Welcome to the section on The Lazy Brain.
In this section we go deeper into understanding how our brain works on an everyday basis - why you do what you do, why bad habits have a tendency to stick around, and perhaps the only certain way to ensure we succeed despite the challenges. 

Evolution U - Chapter 1.5 - Summary and Insights

Welcome to the last section on Human Evolution.
Here we sum up what we have learnt so far in this chapter and look at their implications. We also look at a few ideas and processes that will allow you to hack these inherent qualities you have in yourself to help you build-up a wealthier and better life. 

Money and Overall Personality 4 Lessons

Evolution U - Chapter 2.0 - Money and Overall Personality Introduction

Welcome to the second chapter of the Evolution U Programme.
Here you and i look at three things:
1) Money Personality
2) Your Overall Personality, and
3) How to Change Your Overall Personality if you want to improve more in life

Evolution U - Chapter 2.1 - Money Personality

Welcome to the first section of the second chapter on Personality of the Evolution U Programme.
In this section on Money Personality, we look at different characteristics of Money Personalities and how people handle their money. Then we look at how one can change their money personalities.
Then we look at how they can get better at saving more and growing their wealth.

Evolution U - Chapter 2.2 - Human Personality

Welcome to the second section of the chapter on Personality.
In this section, we look at Human Personality. We look at the 5 Personality Traits which are called the Big Five Personality Traits.
1) Openness to Experience
2) Conscientiousness
3) Extroversion
4) Agreeableness
5) Neuroticism 

Evolution U - Chapter 2.3 - Change Your Personality

Welcome to the third section of the chapter on Personality.
In this section, we look at the different characteristics that are displayed by the Big 5 Personality Traits. We look at how you can change yourself from where you are right now in life and maybe unhappy to a place where you would love to be in, i.e. your dream life. 

Goals (Where You Want to Go; The Life You Want to Lead) 1 Lesson

Evolution U - Chapter 3 - Goals (Where You Want to Go; The Life You Want to Lead)

Welcome to the Chapter on Goals.
In the last chapter on changing your personality, we looked at why understanding who you are and where you are now and the ideal life you want to have is one the most important things you want to do to get to your dream life.
In this chapter, we look at how to get there.
We look at the type of goals you need to have to get to where you want to go and live the life you want to lead. 

You and the World 3 Lessons

Evolution U - Chapter 4.0 - You and the World Introduction

Welcome to Chapter 4 where we explore the concept of You and the World Around You.
Here we discuss the concept of influence – how the world influences you on a daily or even hourly basis and why. We call it the 3+1 Circles of Influence.
In the next section, we look at how Self-Belief lets you get what you want in life.

Evolution U - Chapter 4.1 - 3+1 Circles of Influence

Welcome to the first section of Chapter 4 of the Evolution U Programme. This section is called 3+1 Circles of Influence.
Here we look at something which is not always acknowledged by us but which defines how we behave usually on an everyday basis. This is about how you react to what other people say or do.

Evolution U - Chapter 4.2 - Self-Belief

Welcome to the second section of Chapter 4 of the Evolution U Programme.
Here we look at Self-Belief.
We explore the one trait that gives you faith in yourself to get to your goals or lead a certain way of life.