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Conceived & created after seeing the havoc caused during the 2020 pandemic, the Evolution U Programme is based on one of the most important fundamental principles of life:

You can either be a victim of circumstances,

Or you can choose to create your own destiny

Let’s understand this better.

Why Do We Fail So Much in Life?

  • Are you unhappy with your job or work?
  • Do you have money problems?
  • Do you feel trapped by your circumstances?
  • Do you want to get to your goals faster?
  • Have you tried different advice but did not get the results you seek?

If the answer to any of the questions is ‘yes’, read on…

Most advice you get to stop failing and instead succeed is unfortunately flawed.

Traditional advice is heavily influenced by history, culture, customs, religious ethos and social identity.

Modern advice is biased towards only one or two aspects like psychology, habits, etc. of a multi-faceted puzzle.

To put it simply, people fail because they look for easy answers (e.g. Get up at 5. Exercise. Eat Healthy. Start a Journal) to some very complex questions. 

If you want easy answers, please close this page and don’t look back.

On the other hand, if you realise you are a very intelligent and complex person and are looking for the real answer to the ‘Why’ and ‘How’, you might be interested in what we have to say.

Life does not give easy answers.

Life is complex and so are you.

Easy answers are just that – Easy. They are Not Effective

To get to the real reasons why people mess up, why we don’t get to where we want to go, you have to understand the foundations on which we stand.

And once you understand this foundation, everything – and we mean everything – becomes super-easy.

The Evolution Programme is not about giving you easy irresponsible answers. It is about showing you the foundation on which you and the rest of us stand.

It is about opening your eyes to the truth.

And once you see the unbiased truth, you will see clearly what you have to do to get what you want. Easily. One Small Step at a Time.

What We Have Done

We have taken research from four fields

Evolutionary Biology



Personal Finance

The Latest from Four Fields 

And we have used the research to show you why we do what we do. And more importantly what you can do to become unstoppable.

This is Not Philosophy. This is Your Roadmap to Success 

The Evolution U Programme is also the first module of our signature Freedom Financial Programme.
Module 2 is about different investment channels and Module 3 is about how you can go from zero to Rs. 1 crore in 10 years with Passive Investing.

Module Chapters

You can see an overview of the module below

We have listed the chapters and the sections so you can see what we talk about

Evolution & Us


Evolution U - Chapter 1.0 - Evolution & Us Introduction

Evolution U - Chapter 1.1 - Understanding Evolution

Evolution U - Chapter 1.2 - Evolution of the Brain

Evolution U - Chapter 1.3 - The Brain We Inherited

Evolution U - Chapter 1.4 - The Lazy Brain We Have

Evolution U - Chapter 1.5 - Summary and Insights

Money and Overall Personality


Evolution U - Chapter 2.0 - Money and Overall Personality Introduction

Evolution U - Chapter 2.1 - Money Personality

Evolution U - Chapter 2.2 - Human Personality

Evolution U - Chapter 2.3 - Change Your Personality

Goals (Where You Want to Go; The Life You Want to Lead)


Evolution U - Chapter 3 - Goals (Where You Want to Go; The Life You Want to Lead)

You and the World


Evolution U - Chapter 4.0 - You and the World Introduction

Evolution U - Chapter 4.1 - 3+1 Circles of Influence

Evolution U - Chapter 4.2 - Self-Belief


Let us try to summarise things to the extent possible

What is the Module about?

The module covers four fundamental aspects of having a good life with enough money in your hands - Evolutionary Biology, Psychology, Sociology and Personal Finance. It has two goals: first, to help you understand what makes you do what you want to do and second, to help you understand the key factors that make you unstoppable.

How will it help me?

Are you unhappy with your job or work? Do you feel jaded or trapped by your circumstances? Are you in search for a sense of purpose in life? Do you feel overwhelmed by stress? Do you feel bad about where you are in life? The answer to each of these questions lies in understanding why we do what we do. The programme helps you get to the answers.

When can I expect to see results?

Usually immediately or as soon as you start to practice what you learnt in the module. There are quite a few lessons here and it helps if you apply them one at a time or as suggested in the chapters. But understand this well: this is a programme that tells you the truth about life and how we live it. It gives you strategies and techniques but what you do with them is up to you.

Do I get immediate access to the files?

Yes, you do.
The chapters are designed in a way that increases your interaction with the module and the learning steps you take help you understand and assimilate the knowledge better. 

I am not from India. Can I take up the programme?

Yes, you can. Anyone from Tierra del Fuego to Verkhoyansk can take it. This is a programme for anyone who is tired of clichéd answers to finding meaning in life. If you are tired of hearing experts telling you to wake up early, exercise even if you hate it, and do all other things that are supposed to change your life, then you can try this programme. It gives you the basis for understanding yourself vis-à-vis the world at large.

Do you help with personalised self-development solutions?

We don’t offer one-to-one solutions yet. As of now, we offer the Evolution U programme. And we are creating modules 2 and 3 of the Freedom Financial Programme. We may offer personalised solutions in the future to take you from where you are to a place where you want to be (happier and more fulfilled). But we are taking it one step at a time.


There is a special discount on the Freedom Financial Programme if you buy-in to upcoming Modules 2 and 3 of the Prog. before they are launched

Evolution U 

Only MODULE 1: Evolution U 

Freedom Programme

Freedom Early Bird

Deal: Module 1: Evolution U AND Upcoming Modules 2 & 3

Evolution U

3X Money-Back Guarantee After 5 Years*  

If you do not see any personal growth within 5 years after following all the suggestions in the programme, you get 3X your investment after these 5 years. 

Note: * You must have followed all suggestions and instructions for personal development mentioned in the Evolution U prog. and in supplementary progs. and sessions in sound mind and show that you have been unable to grow on a personal level or get better control of your life.

PS. If you are wondering why we are giving this guarantee, it is because we are 100%  certain you will transform your life with the programme. 3 decades of research does not go wrong.


These are the number of days you have if you live up to 100 years.

36,525 days in a billion+ years of existence.

How will you make these days count?

How will you define yourself?

Whatever you do or decide, don’t choose to be a nobody whose life is dictated by others or circumstances.

Stand up.

For the love of everything you hold dear, for the potential that lies in you,

For the stars you were born to forge, for the galaxies you were born to create: 

Stand Up

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