Introduction to Cognitive Biases

It is not easy for anyone to succeed in life without an understanding of the common cognitive biases that trip us. Knowing these biases will allow you to recognise them before they derail your growth journey. This is a part of the Evolution U Programme and offered free to anyone who wants to improve themselves by understanding the actual rules of life in a better way.

Evolution U

Do you and I really want wealth or are we looking for something else that that wealth gives us? What is it that we want in life and why is it so difficult to obtain? Have we got it wrong somewhere? A very popular book among people who seek to understand wealth and how to get wealthy is called The Millionaire Next Door. It is about who are the millionaires in America and how did they become wealthy. It takes of living a frugal lifestyle, saving and investing over a long period of time. Now, there is a very interesting idea that is proposed in this book. It says that most of the wealthy people who are from the blue colour or the working-class segment of the population want their children to have better education than them and take up a professional career rather than follow in their footsteps. This means they want their children to start earning money later in life after they have spent a significantly longer time in college. This also means they want their children to have a more expensive lifestyle as the millionaire have relatively frugal lifestyles while professionals have to live a life like their peers with more expenses. At first it seems a strange thing to do. Why would millionaires want their children to enter the workforce at a later stage then themselves? Why would they want the children to have a more expensive lifestyle that reduces wealth rather than one that increases wealth like their own? And the probable answer is that millionaires don't want wealth, they want the freedom that comes with wealth. Given a chance they would probably also want to live a life where they do not have to work 6 to 7 days a week, every week, every month, every year. Have you thought about it? People like you, me and everyone around us, we don’t want wealth per se. We want respect, recognition, freedom to live the life we want rather than be a slave to work. Both you and I don't want wealth. Seriously, what would you and I do with loads of money if it does not give us any power to control our lives? What we want then is the power to control our lives. To give it the direction we want. To live a life of Dreams. Do the things we want to do without having to worry about whether we will be able to afford it or not. Now that is not easy. If this was easy, we would not have so many self-help books, articles, blogs, seminars, courses and experts teaching us what we should do. But there is a big big problem. The problem is most experts are only looking at the factors that they think are important. They are looking at their area of expertise. Very few are looking at the larger picture and connecting the dots. And not connecting the dots is the critical reason why we fail to life our life of dreams and be wealthy at the same time. Seriously, how many painters, poets, artists, sportspeople, do you know who are rich and wealthy. It is likely to be very few. There are lakhs and lakhs of painters, poets, artists, sportspeople. How many of them can you count at the top of your fingers who are really rich and wealthy? And this is the main issue. This is why most people don't make tonnes of money simply because they tried and followed a process to get rich. The answer to wealth and a better life lies in understanding how evolution has affected the human brain, how it developed, how it reacts to society and the world around and what directions it gave us. And why looking at most of the questions about goals, habits, hard work, smart work, processes, systems, procrastination, proactiveness, without looking at how evolution has shaped our brain is the wrong thing to do. What we are missing out on the road to success is understanding how much evolution has shaped us so we become the person we want to. The Evolution U programme has been designed to take care of this issue – to help you connect the dots – so you can finally understand who you are, what you do and why you do it, and then get the life you want to have. We have not seen something like this being attempted so far. This is probably because connecting the dots requires a certain degree of understanding across four major fields that are not seen as part of a larger picture. The four fields we are connecting here are: Evolutionary Biology, Psychology, Sociology and Personal Finance. The goal of this programme, this Evolution U programme is simple. At the end of the programme, you will be fully aware of who you are as a person, what your personality is, understand how you react to the world around you, and how to redefine who you are the easy step by step way so you are able to become the person you want to be and live the life you want to have. All of this in turn allows you to grow your wealth through logical and smart actions that actually work for you. This is what the programme is for.

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